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Event Solutions for Events that Work

When you consider the myriad details that putting on an event such as a conference, sales presentation, fundraising event, or concert involves, you can appreciate that proper event solutions are vital. Other than creating an event that’s both conceptually sound and technically robust, there are a host of organisational details that must be got right to avoid delays or even disasters. This is why you need an event management company with the rare mix of project management skills, artistic skills, and technical knowledge and resources.

A quality event management company can offer the following vital services both separately and as part of a complete package.

Venue Finding Service

The right venue in terms of size, facilities and location is essential for a successful event. You’ll need a venue that’s large enough to hold your main event and also have other rooms for parallel use.

In addition, your main room or hall needs to have the right acoustic properties. You’ll need to be able to install equipment easily so the building needs ease of access for bulky screens and other equipment that need to be brought in and installed. And there must be ample parking to accommodate the expected number of attendees.

Location wise, you venue must be convenient for both you and your attendees. If it’s a long event, you’ll have to be sure accommodation is available.

Finding the right location with all the above criteria could be quite a task were you to do it yourself. However, event management firms have a list of suitable properties on file and can locate the right place for you easily.

Event Marketing Support

Getting the word out about your event is crucial for its success. This will involve intensive marketing to your target audience via direct mail and other advertsising formats. Of particular importance is event web design. This not only ensures your event will be found easily but also allows interested parties to request further information and make bookings via your website.

AV Hire and Installation

All the audio visual equipment has to be delivered and installed. Safety is a major consideration.

Management of Your Delegate Bookings And Speakers

Effective management of bookings is important to ensure maximum attendance and delegate satisfaction. You as the host need to know who is attending and your delegates need to be clear about all the details of the event. If you’re featuring any speakers at the event, they need to be identified and contracts need to be finalised.

On-site Support throughout Your Event

The best planned events run into problems at some point so it’s reassuring to know that trained staffs are on hand throughout to take care of any unforeseen circumstances. You also need hands-on management of sessions and exhibitions to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Budget and Financial Management Support

An event such as a conference or exhibition is a major expense. Though it represents a great investment, it’s essential that costs are kept under control. This is best done by the same people that are organising the event – the event management company, as they have all the information needed to formulate budgets and financial reports.

Post-event Feedback and Evaluation Services

Your event may have seemed like a resounding success to you but how did it do really? This is something you’ll need to know. For this, you need clearly defined goals and targets and a system in place to check it they’re met. The feeling that everyone seemed to have a good time doesn’t quite give you the feedback you need. Qualitative aspects also need to be measured. Fortunately, your event management company will have systems in place for objective and accurate feedback and evaluation.

This is a diverse range of services and having the whole program in the hands of one experienced company is very reassuring. Ultimately you can kick back and concentrate on preparing the content of your event with full confidence that the management and AV aspects are all in highly capable hands.

For the best in event solutions, check online at the web sites of the UK’s premier event management companies. Other than offering a full range of av hire and audio visual solutions, these firms can handle the myriad details of any event with the flair and professionalism that guarantees success.

Fundraising Is the Same as Friendraising -2

In the previous article we took a look at how fundraising is about developing relationships. Long term relationships will help keep both volunteers and donors feeling happy being associated with your non-profit organization.

There are many ways to express your gratitude. This is not the same as manipulation. It’s a way to build a strong team by letting everyone know that what they bring makes a difference.

Birds of a Feather

Ask your corporate donors to network for you. Through business circles of their own donors may be able to lead you to other high-powered contacts.

Catch Them Doing Something Right

Nothing makes a person feel more valued than their efforts are being appreciated. Let your volunteers who have contributed to the organization feel valued with compliments. It’s a simple thing that is too rarely done but carries a lot of weight. The same principal that works for kids works for adults. Catch them doing something right and mention how they handled it well.

Give Volunteers a Feeling of Promotion

For your volunteers who have been with you for awhile reward them with a promotion. Maybe this is a chance to give them a fundraiser to run themselves, or a meeting that they chair. This could be a chance to listen to one of their pet projects. Find something that your donor is passionate about with your organization and help them get there. Make it clear that through their commitment and hard work you want them to take a step up.

Structure a Healthy Teamwork Atmosphere in your Organization

While your charitable organization works on getting your fundraising and advertising in line you will be planning your next step. The atmosphere should be cooperative and not combatitive. According to Chic Hospitality Consulting Services who specialize in people management,” Managers who encourage employees to use initiative and set higher challenges for themselves achieve more positive results than those who cause employees to compete with each other. Personal accomplishment at the expense of others defeats teamwork and negatively affects service to customers. Managers can win over employees’ loyalty and best input by treating them as “partners”, showing care, listening to them and sharing.”

With simple acknowledgement of efforts put in by your donors and volunteers you can strengthen internal and external relationships. The goal here is to keep the workers and supporters of your charitable organization around for a very long time.

Some Simple Ways To Make Your Children’s Birthday Party Huddersfield A Hit

Parties are fun for everyone. But, only the host knows the other side of it. Organizing a party may be a difficult and often cumbersome job. Especially, when it comes to arranging your kid’s birthday party, you have to go through a hard time trying to organize it the best possible way. Your child might have gone bored with the same old fashioned family gathering and cake cutting ceremony. Your house may not have enough space for your kid and his friends to run about and spend their energy. You might plan it a little differently next time. You may save yourself from the burden of organizing the party and looking into every detail. You can rather enjoy with your children and be a part of the fun instead of the other side.

Professional party organizers

There are several professional event managers and party organizers who may take up the responsibility of putting up the party for you. They take care of every detail about the party, from a suitable venue and decorations to entertainment and great food. The first important task is to find an apt venue for the birthday party. A party organizer may suggest a Kids birthday venue Huddersfield.that is perfect for your child and his friends. Depending on the size and nature of your guest list, events you would want to have and available facilities, you take a call on the venue you would like to go for.

Theme for the party

After zeroing in on the venue, the next important thing is to decide on a theme for the party. Organizers offer a wide range of options for themes. If your kid is a die-hard fan of Spiderman or Batman, party organizers and a good Children’s birthday venue Huddersfield.may arrange for a party based on superhero theme or Hollywood theme. They decorate the interior and exterior of the venue, according to the theme.

To make it special

There are more ways party organizers and you can make your Children’s birthday parties Huddersfield.interesting and engaging. You can hire professional entertainers dressed as a superhero or a clown. You can arrange for magicians or jugglers, dancers and musicians to keep your children engrossed. You may also arrange for games and activities. You may take part in all the fun and make it special by appearing as a fairy or genie. Your child would love to see you right in the middle of all the excitement rather than in the kitchen on his special day.

Did Palmetto GBA Broke the Medicare Payment System?

It all started on September 1, 2008 when Palmetto GBA took over the Medicare contract from NHIC to process claims and payments for providers. This marked the beginning of a plethora of problems and massive frustrations for thousands of Medicare billing providers. Payments have been delayed for months causing financial hardships to many Medicare billing providers and healthcare facilities. To date, the bureaucratic nightmare of red tape and rejected claims saga continue with no end in sight.

Weeks into the transition, Palmetto GBA was overwhelmed with phone calls which they did not anticipate. Medicare billing providers encountered constant busy signals and when they did get through, they are either sent to a full mailbox where they cannot leave messages. Another tactic is a representative would take down their numbers with the promise to call back but only to never to be heard from again. Those who do get through faced wait times of as much as three hours to six hours and this happened in all departments from Claims, EDI, to Medicare Provider Enrollment.

Fortunately, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Medicare CMS) finally intervened and convinced Palmetto GBA to add more phone lines and staff and extend call in hours. However, new staff presents new problems such as training issues. There have been reports of staff telling Medicare providers they are not trained to handle certain problems and/or passing off the call to another department which resulted in more waiting time.

Aside from call center backlog, there are a multitude of other problems including a failed conversion of the NPI crosswalk file that mysteriously dropped off 25% of Medicare providers from the list to the backlog of over 26000 pending providers’ applications. Medicare codes and modifiers that have been previously accepted by NHIC are now being rejected for different reasons. One common response is the Medicare coverage database is being updated and simply to resubmit the claims after the update.

Another major problem is the IVR (interactive voice response) system for obtaining Medicare patients’ eligibility. It is not voice activated and poorly configured. In contrast to the old NHIC system that used to take approximately one to two minutes for a Medicare patient eligibility, it now takes six to seven minutes more.

On a brighter note, Palmetto GBA and Medicare CMS has been made aware of the problems and are working to solve them along with physicians and medical associations groups across the board. Medicare CMS also has a financial hardship program for which some providers may be qualified to get thru this bureaucratic maze.

So did Palmetto GBA break the Medicare payment system? Only time will tell. Conversion pains usually will pass and hopefully the rocky start is not a sign of how this ‘Partner in Excellence’ will be servicing this contract and the Medicare community at large.

From Verbalism and Vocalism to Vandalism: Graduation of Anti-Agribiotech Activism in India

The statement that ‘its (the GM rice’s) pollen could contaminate other non-GM paddy fields in the vicinity’ reflects sheer ignorance of the reproductive biology of the rice plant. Field trials are carefully planned with adequate separation distances and a refugium. The rice pollen are viable only for about five minutes during which they cannot be carried over more than a few meters and after that period they cannot ‘contaminate’ any other rice variety.

The farmers said multinational companies were trying to destroy Indian seeds by bringing in GM seeds. GE crops are introduced into the country adopting scientific and legal procedures and it was the private seed companies that largely sustained Green Revolution, resulting in surplus production of food grains in the country.

The statement that ‘such trials were being done surreptitiously without taking into account the consequences’ does not mean anything, when the feared consequences are not spelt out. Even when unadvertised field are destroyed, what would be the fate of advertised trial fields?

GE crop vandalization occurred earlier also in Europe. In the event of Golden Rice, research laboratories, trial fields and even scientific workers were attacked, striking such a fear that led to hiding a handful of prototype Golden Rice seed in a bombproof bunker in an unspecified place in Switzerland.

In the European Union countries, the Law often caches up. The Danish Terror Law was invoked in May 2006 against Greenpeace and the French Court of appeal convicted 49 activists for destroying GE maize in June 2006.

In New Zealand, in 1999 the Wild Greens Group destroyed a GM potato trial at Lincoln. In 2002, protesters trashed three years of research on GM potatoes by the Crop and Food Research (CFR). Whenever field tests were done, CFR fences the area and keeps it under 24-hour surveillance. Tight security will now be in place to protect field tests for GE vegetables.

This time in India, fortunately there is some reaction from the Official quarters: a) about a 100 arsonists and their BKU leader were booked by the Karnal District Police, on October 30, on charges of criminal intimidation and damage to property by fire; b) Karnal Superintendent of Police said the role of the police would also be probed and if they were found erring, action would be taken; c) the Haryana Government stated on October 31 that it will inquire into the burning of genetically modified (GM) crops by protesting farmers near Karnal city; and d) the Chief Minister of the State of Haryana stated that the incident of burning of the GM crops was unfortunate and it will be probed.

When the GEAC ordered to burn illegal Bt cotton crop some years ago, farmers’ organizations prevented it, as any crop is sacred and cannot be destroyed. Often farmers who are expected to respect a crop are instigated to vandalize it. But destroying a legally grown private crop is a criminal act, which should not go unpunished.

Good News – Cheer up IT Sector Guys: India is Crushing the Recession with a Heavy Hand

ast year, souring food / oil prices & subsequent collapse of the stock markets all across the globe had pushed the entire world in a state of deep recession. Almost every Indian was badly shaken & moved into a state of great pessimism. The impact of the global slowdown had been tremendous on the IT sector witnessing large scale headcount culling or freezing of wages.

There is a Good News !!!!!! – for the all especially the IT Sector guys. There is a prediction by a couple of eminent HR consultants of global repute, through their recently conducted survey, that there is likelihood of single digit salary raise sop in India this year.

We feel that even a single digit pay rise is a better sop for an employee living under the fear of pink slipping otherwise.

Going by the predictions by Hewitt Associates, Hay Group and Watson Wyatt, this year, the employees in India can expect an average salary raise by 8.2%, 7.25% and 7% resp. as compared to a much lower single digit pay rise elsewhere.

According to the predictions by Hay Group, UK might be the lowest in average pay raise by a meager 1%, while US & Europe can follow by a marginally better score of 2%.

Similar survey by Hewitt predicts a better score of 3.2% pay rise in the US, 3.5% for Australia and 3.8% for Singapore.

The surveys not only covered the IT sector, but covered variety of sectors like FMCG, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharma, Consumer Durables, Security Services etc. Majorities of the companies in such sectors are initiating measures to boost up the morale of their employees through pay rise in the bracket of a double digit or so. In-spite of recession, many big & reputed companies have come out with encouraging quarterly balance sheets, which has acted as a great catalyst to such a move to provide sops to their employees.

Some of the FMCG & Telecom companies are expected to offer average pay rise by around 10% in addition to attractive bonuses this year. Top performers can expect something between 15 to 20 %. Of course these pay raises can’t be compared to the great escalations seen during the time of boom, still it is going to be a matter of great pleasure for all concerned.

After the 26/11 episode, everyone across the globe started realizing the importance of security. As such the security sector in our country has shown an average growth of 25%. Thus security sector companies are also likely to motivate their employees through big pay raise including attractive bonuses.

Fresh large-scale recruitment can be seen across the Healthcare sector, being quite conscious of the importance of Quality Personnel & not compromising with some short-term economic jolts.

Maruti Suzuki has beaten all previous records by registering the highest sale during the year 2008-09. Thus going by the past records, its employees can expect hefty reward this year, may be beating their past records.

Although anticipated salary raises during 2009 for all job categories shall be falling by around 3% all across the globe, sops shall be coming to Indians due to the recovery of economic situation in the country.

The economic recession has forced the companies to have a break & plan more strategic approach towards their appraisal system. Now the time of lenient appraisal system has gone, as slightest inefficiency & lack of performance is certainly not going to be digested by any company any more.

Although this is a good news, it is not the time for relaxing either. All employees need to be introspective & watchful of their performance & must draw their fast track action plan to improve their skill levels & try to develop a multi-tasking personality.

Investors grow impatient on Indonesia’s Infrastructure

Construction industry in developing countries in Asia has been greatly advancing in the last couple of years and a lot of investors have seen the dramatic change and big potential. As these third world countries continue to strive and advance, many business owners have had set up local manufacturing companies and distribution. Operations have been run smoothly and expectations are set for a continuous success of the industry.

Indonesia is one of the nations which excel in the field of infrastructure, enough for it to be tagged as the one who pull others towards the ladder of certain definite accomplishment. Tens of projects are being done around the city of Jakarta and its archipelagic geography is not able to hinder business operations across islands and local materials to be distributed all over cities.

However, it seems that investors are growing impatient with projects which have not reached its goals and isn’t near materialization. Also, there are complaints on how ambitious pending projects are.

Critics had cited that ever since the current leader of the country, Pres. Joko Widodo, internationally known as Jokowi, has sat to office, certain unreliable decisions were made. Last 2014, the new administration has allotted billions of dollars for what seems like far-fetched projects of infrastructure bill-outs.

In defense of the president, many analysts wish to pursue plans for public projects centering on ports, roads and airports which are counted to have the largest portion in the “ambitious” allotment for last year.

Despite the bumpy start to his time in office, Mr Widodo still has a lot of popular support. And many senior figures in Jakarta’s business community expect the state-owned construction companies to push ahead with spending on infrastructure projects in the second half of the year.

Companies like Axis Capital Group which sells and rents capital equipment across Asia and is one of the privately-owned companies which has expanded its business to Jakarta from its main office in Singapore seconded the motion to carry on with the plans. Axis has pleaded its fellow investors to give the country more time to fulfill its plans as the result is not expected to rule out immediately after implementation.

A number of projects has already been launched and is underway towards reality including a power plant programme, 24 seaports as solution to the archipelago’s interisland gap and Trans-Sumatra toll road. As one can expect, the road to infrastructure is one bumpy ride.

Courts Count for the Quality of Your Community

I recently attended a conference on the essential qualities resulting from the best-planned, best organized communities. Items like affordable housing and recreational opportunities immediately came to mind. People need shelter that matches a budget and they need recreational opportunities for health and exercise as well as places to visit like parks, lakes, or rose or vegetable gardens. One of the guest speakers, a local judge, added that good communities also have an excellent court system.

Of course, the safety of a community arises from sound law enforcement and a fair judicial system. If officers are out and about in a community, with their eye out for the well being of citizens, those who live in a community are able to feel secure and live knowing that they are safe. Whether they are in their backyard for a barbecue or out for a walk through the neighborhood, knowing officers are on duty is a priority is reassuring that a community is protected. And, I believe, safety breeds safety just as dangerous neighborhoods so often breed danger.

When laws are broken it is critical that the judicial system is in top working order. It makes no sense to arrest or charge willy-nilly, but rather with the best intentions and the best plans for the safety of a community. Officers who are brash are often as dangerous as the criminals they are looking for just as officers who enjoy donuts and coffee more than patrolling and keeping an eye on a community, do not fulfill the commitment and responsibilities of their job. I just want things in my community to be fair, with citizens served with honesty and trustworthiness. Living in a small town I have the advantage of knowing most of our officers. I admire their dedication to their job and those of us who live there. I know that if I ever need help they will be on the scene in a flash to assist me.

From the work of these officers those who have or who allegedly have broken laws appear before a judge. The judge provides probably the most important factor in maintaining the safety of a community. As not all cases are cut-and-dried, it is invaluable that the judge be able to examine each case in an individual fashion. Sometimes bad things just seem to happen while at other times crimes are perpetrated. The judge has to see through all of this and then determine a punishment that is fair and that also serves as a life-long deterrent. If the judge is too lax, the criminal is very likely to become a courtroom regular; if the judge is too severe, a person’s life can end up dedicated to the four walls of a cell.

Yes, our speaker is absolutely correct: The courts of a community, regulated by the judge or judges of that community, do count for the quality of the community and thus the safety and security of every resident. I thank my local judges for their wisdom and devotion. They do make a very positive difference.

Article Source:

Case Study—Obtrusive Intervention-Israeli Supreme Court

t’s about an alleged segregation policy. Or is it about quality in the school?

Regardless—hundreds of thousands of orthodox Jewish protestors have been rioting the streets of Jerusalem. Last week, eighty of them, law-abiding parents—mothers and fathers—were on their way into prison. Ordered by the Supreme Court of Israel.

It began in the summer of 2007. Rabbi Ya’akov Yosef, son of a former head rabbi of Israel, petitioned the Israeli courts. He claimed that the Beit Yakov, all female parochial school, in the municipality of Emanuel had a racist based policy. Students of Ashkenazie lineage (Russia, Germany, Romania, Poland) were placed in one classroom, those of a Sefardic (Morraco, Libya, Yemen, Egypt) background in another.

The school’s defense claimed: No. The issue is not based on racism; rather on quality. What is being labeled the “Sefardi class” is made up of students who simply do not live up to the standards of the higher group.

The Supreme Court heard the sides, debated the issue. Last week, judgement was delivered. The school was ordered to decease from its perceived racist policy.

The religious populace, a strong electoral force to be reckoned with, viewed this as an unacceptable intervention in the inner workings of its insular world, a sentiment as ancient for these religious Jews in a secular Israel as the country itself. It’s a social issue which pops up every few years in one form or another.

As too many Middle Eastern scraps, this one didn’t die down—it blew up. Last week hundreds of thousands, in a country of merely six million, hit the streets.

The Supreme Court’s role, in most countries, is to decide issues of gravity to society at large. Disagreements between individuals get decided lower down in the judicial ladder. This is verily the case in our Talmudic tradition, where monetary arguments are decided in a court, beit din, of three judges. Issues of wider concern are decided between twenty-three judges. Declaration of war, other issues of national consequence, are decided by the Sanhedrin, comprised of seventy-one judges. In modern Israel, messages such as racism, particularly in a school environment, are surely in the realm of the Supreme Court.

The decision got issued. The contention of racism assumed front row, the quality-control claim took back seat. The school complied.

But, last week saw fifty, of eighty (thirty, mainly mothers, didn’t appear to begin their punishment) defiant parents enter prison. All religious Jewish newspapers worldwide reported unanimous rabbinic support for these parents’ principle-based self-sacrifice.

There is some semblance of logic, until here—at least within the parameter of a Middle Eastern context—a geographical location not known for excessive amounts of sanity.

Though, one might be able to rationalize the Supreme Court rescinding the school’s license in lieu of compliance with its directives. And, one might understand an order to cease funding for this institution.

But, this does not make sense: Sending decent caring fathers and mothers to prison for refusing to send their children to this—or any—school not of their choice?!

The frustration of a Supreme Court judge watching his decisions challenged is understandable. One could feel compassion for a secular court judge serving a large portion of her own society, which doesn’t even recognize the entire judicial system that judge represents. Last, one could easily sympathize a judge’s anguish viewing his name plastered in deragatory fashion in newspaper headlines throughout the entire religious world. Clearly, there needs to be more respect from all sides.

But—democracy and freedom of expression demand high prices.

The question which must be answered is this: What right has the Court to send these people to prison?

The school conformed policy. From then on, is it not the parents’ prerogative to choose to use this school’s services—or not?!

Where does the Court draw standing to ship eighty law-abiding and caring parents to prison?!

Israel conducts itself according to order, with freedom of speech. It is, verily, an island of western democracy in a Middle East still full of tyrants and mass murderers in broad daylight.

However, those who aspire to high levels of conduct are held accountable to higher standards. Law should be a tool to permit quality of life, and freedom of personal choice. But, it must always be watched with caution, and guarded against over empowerment against the very people it is meant to serve.

Questions raised on 2G scam CBI charge-sheet

The charge-sheet filed by CBI in the country’s most high profile case has raised doubts over the authenticity of the investigations.

There were a number of telecom operators who received the UASL in 2008 by A Raja, who was the issuing authority at that time. Putting A Raja behind bars for wrongly granting the licenses to these companies reflect that the procedure followed for issuing licenses was allegedly wrong. In this case, all the telecom operators, namely Datacom, Loop, Unitech Wireless, Shyam Sistema, Swan and Allianz Infra, would have got licenses through the incorrect procedure. Then why only Unitech and Swan (along with ADAG for its link to Swan) named in the charge sheet. How come the same procedure was found right for the other companies and wrong for only these ones.

Also, the charge sheet names Sanjay Chandra and Vinod Goenka of the Unitech Wireless and Swan respectively but nowhere mentions Anil Ambani of ADAG. Now if Anil Ambali is the promoter of ADAG, then so are Sanjay Chandra and Vinod Goenda of their respective companies. The reason for this special treatment extended to Anil Ambani remains unknown. Maybe it’s to protect the most high profile that the others are being put to test.

Furthermore, things happening at the Tata’s end raise lot of doubts, that too with the claims of Ratan Tata that his Group’s business is not based on bribes & corruption. A land worth Rs 250 Crs given to DMK by Voltas (a Tata company) for only Rs 25 Crs, and the Rs 750 Crs VSNL land going to the Tata’s as part of the VSNL disinvestment makes one wonder what’s transpiring behind the scene.

Unfair, isn’t it. The country wants the guilty to be booked and can’t let the CBI protect a certain set of people while nailing the other set. What makes them hand-pick only few? Are Ambani or Tata names too big to be touched by the CBI. What’s the guarantee that the naming of Sanjay Chandra or Vinod Goenka in the charge-sheet has creditable ground. Many things go unexplained. Questions unanswered.